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Your Story is Worth Sharing…

And your book comes with potential to shed inspiration, unfold revelation, move a soul, or travel back to the past together with a diverse reading community. Your book deserves a spot — not only in ordinary bookshelves, but also in:

…the limelight of Hollywood films, 
…the eyes of each critique reviewers,
…the position to get a spot in traditional publishing house

Whether you are an established author or an aspiring one, we believe that your story is worth sharing. 

Our Services

We provide quality, practical solutions to your publishing and marketing needs!

Marketing Services

A practical marketing plan amounts to high readership exposure and critique in the book market. We have prepared strategic and unique marketing plans with our media associates at economical prices.

Publicity Services

Ensure you get the suitable ingredient of attracting the right population aligned with your target goals. Together with our pool of publicists, we put your books into effective campaigns.

Publishing Services

Having your book published doesn’t take hopeless months or even years before getting into the market. We ensure that you don’t get yourself in trouble handing out manuscripts to traditional publishers through our quality assured publishing packages!

Enhancement Services

Do you need to enhance your book cover design, plan to convert your paperback to an eBook version, or proofread your manuscript before getting it published? You got us covered with our a la-carte services.


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