About Us

We are a self-publishing currently working on a project. We provide the best publishing solutions and marketing strategies for experienced and aspiring authors.

Together with the pool of well-reputed proofreaders, editors, designers, publishing, and marketing professionals, we are committed to fulfilling every author’s goals and getting every book sold, marketed, and published to reach the readers’ community with proven results and sales.

Who are our media partners and vendors?

Amazon: The vast Internet-based enterprise that sells books, music, movies, housewares, electronics, toys, and many other goods, either directly or as the middleman between other retailers and Amazon.com’s millions of customers.

Barnes & Noble: The world’s largest retail bookseller and a leading retailer of content, digital media and educational products. The Company operates over 600 Barnes & Noble bookstores in 50 states, and one of the Web’s premier e-commerce sites, BN.com.

Audible : The leading creator and provider of premium audio storytelling, enriching the lives of our millions of listeners every day. With our customer-centric approach to technological innovation and superior programming, Audible has reinvented a media category, and is the driving force behind today’s audio entertainment revolution.

IngramSpark: A publishing platform that provides print on demand (POD) and ebook publishing services to independent authors. Perhaps their biggest selling point over Amazon is their global distribution network, which sells books and ebooks to over 40,000 outlets across countries.

Webwire: An online platform that provides online marketing and news related to several industries. It provides news related to industries such as transportation, travel and tourism, banking, financial services, energy, retail, government institutions, technology, and more.

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