About Cliff Ratza

Cliff Ratza, or the “simple scholar,” is an established businessman, professor, and now a renowned, celebrated author. He has degrees in mathematics, physics, business, and computer science. After he has moved up from the corporate ladder, Ratza works on his passion as an author, now managing his own fiction writing career.

About ‘The Lightning Brain’ Series’

The Lightning Brain series is an action-adventure thriller laced with terrorism and political intrigue. It constructs from the latest technological and socio-political trends one plausible scenario resulting from a viral pandemic (caused by a mutant manmade virus that escaped from a Chinese lab) occurring early in the 22nd century, all seen through the microcosm of an extraordinary female— eighteen-year-old (her age when chapter one starts) Electra Kittner. As it traces her growth, the book progresses some of the timeless questions of the human condition. The novel’s theme reveals that no matter how extraordinary the person, anyone can be a victim in a primitive world that can’t handle the truth and must deal with the complexities of being “merely human, “best handled with an optimistic and pragmatic philosophy.

Note from Cliff Ratza

Like most authors, I read voraciously. Just about all current action-adventure or sci-fi series project a dystopian future in which the characters continue struggling with worn-out themes. I have replaced all that with a novel and optimistic approach: America is still number one but it too faces challenges; all my characters are believable, nuanced and have flaws that readers or moviegoers will empathize with; the worldview I have crafted is a realistic projection of current trends. Readers won’t have to suspend disbelief!

The Girl with The Lightning Brain

So begins chapter one in book one of the ground-breaking “Lightning Brain” action-adventure series that extrapolates the latest science, political intrigue, and contemporary lifestyles while tracing the twists and turns in the life of Electra “Kit” Kittner. She grows up in a frightened, intolerant America threatened by “Techno-Plague” and Middle East Terrorism. The action builds relentlessly, from lighter childhood adventures to darker realities caused by America’s threats that are exacerbated by a harsh government that would treat her badly if it were to discover what she is. 

Electra is more than up to the challenge, choosing a career path on which she fights these existential problems.

The Girl Who Electrified The World

Book two’s action explodes from where book one ends, relentlessly terminating old enemies as fast as new ones emerge. Can Electra keep her “secret” hidden while allowing males to play her deadly games as her array of extraordinary skills deepens? 

You won’t find out until the last line of the last chapter!

The Girl Who Commanded Lightning

Book three picks up where book two’s “Death Vigil” ends. The lightning brain must repair itself before Electra can rejoin the battle against the Techno-Plague as well as contend with war raging in Cyberspace directed by a rogue Middle East state allied with China and Russia, all the while dealing with America’s relentlessly harsh government. 

How the lightning brain and Electra’s emergent personalities struggle to win is a page-turning plot, full of action and suspense to the very end!

The Girl Who Cloned Lightning

This book charges ahead from Book 3’s explosive ending. Electra Kittner — now an Electra-Alisha split personality infected with an STD-like T-Plague mutation — must cure herself first before battling a new set of enemies in Cyber as well as 3-D Space. She must also contend with a relentlessly harsh government as well as random acts of terrorism masterminded by a rogue paramilitary force allied with China and Russia, all interwoven into the fabric of her professional and personal lives fraught with technological and political uncertainties. 

Can she hold adversaries at bay? Find out when you read, and then you’ll know when you reach the very last line of the last chapter.

The Girl Who Sparked The Singularity

“Put down weapon and praise Allah for deliverance. You are only survivor we find.”

These starting lines from chapter one launch Electra Kittner’s relentless pursuit of known adversaries and her obsessive search for an unknown hacker-leaker, plunging our protagonist into danger on every action-filled step she takes in 3-D and Cyberspace. Will she emerge unscathed? You will know only when reaching the very last line, and even then maybe not. You decide!

The Keepers of the Lightning Brain

It has been twenty years after Electra Kittner, sui generis heroine of the first series, vanished in a sandstorm during an attack on an American Middle East embassy. All the uncertain particulars regarding what happened remain shrouded in secrecy, but Electra’s close circle of professional and personal friends continue maintaining a Keeper’s Group to honor her memory and keep hope alive.

Catastrophe strikes, eliminating all but one Keeper. Su-Lin Song Chou, ninety-plus and ailing physically and cognitively, must activate the next Keepers generation, following commands given by only one entity, a female codenamed Indira who is available only in cyberspace.

The Keepers are two sets of identical twins, now in their freshman or sophomore year in college. Su, their legal guardian, raised them from infancy.

What might happen? The next novel in the Keepers series will show.

The Keepers of The Contingent World: Lightning Brain Series

Irani and Indira must subtly maneuver two sets of twins who have returned to college after setbacks suffered when rescuing Electra from a subterranean desert fortress where she had been imprisoned for twenty years.

But the world’s divergent climates cause challenges. The pandemic-causing X-virus, cyberspace terrorism, and insider politicians plus techno-corporations are roiling multiple environments worldwide, both above and below the surface.

The Irani-Electra duo escape several times from life-threatening catastrophes, even while adding to their personal lives. But conspiracy theories throw the election results and the Capitol into turmoil.

Can they foil assassination and kidnapping attempts to the president and vice president while saving the life of the twin who loves them most?

The Quest of the Singular Keepers: Lightning Brain Series

In this third book of the Keepers series, Irani-Electra duo try to balance personal and professional lives, as they continue to serve the world and uncovering conspiracies and deal with the fact that Irani’s cloned children are leading their own lives.

Irani, Electra, and Indira continue to make discoveries and developments in biotech, computer science, and cloning. And they continue to uncover insurgencies, which ultimately led to bombing the White House and killing the two highest officials in the country. All the while, Irani-Electra barely makes it out alive from her burning house.

Burnt and naked, will she survive this ordeal? Or will we see the end of her tale?

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