Deanna T. Thompson

Deanna T. Thompson

Deanna Tucker Thompson grew up as the youngest of seven children in Salt Lake City, Utah. She and her husband raised five children and now have eight gorgeous grandkids.
She is a proficient reader, a voice and piano teacher, and a regular pianist in the high school choirs in her community.

Deanna enjoys her life and the fantastic journey that
her book has taken her so far. She is grateful for everything the Rare Books Media team
has done for her.

How did she start her journey?

The author started her journey in 2006. It has been a long process, first getting the book ideas and concepts took a few years, then self-publishing it and putting it out into the world of Amazon and found the help of Rare Books Media’s Publishing and Marketing services.

What are some books she published?

The only book she has published so far is the first in a series. It is called What’s So Great About Silent E? The thoughts of Sunnie Rae. Also, she has another book that’s almost ready to come out and it’s called What’s So Great About Music, the thoughts of Sunnie Rae. It will be out in 2023.

What's So Great About Silent E?

Young Sunnie Rae is contemplating what could be so important about using the silent letter E. Sure, E starts words of big things, like an Elephant, but when it ends words, most of the time it makes no sound at all, so who needs it?

This children's book shows how with the change of just one silent letter, words can drastically change to entirely different words. For example, instead of being cute, you'd be cut. Ouch. That would hurt. Or maybe your robe would rob or Superman would wear a cap instead of a cape. What would be so super about him then? Sunnie Rae realizes in the end how wrong she was to think it unimportant and finishes with, "Thank Goodness for Silent E!"

Children and adults alike laugh as they listen and hear the changes that occur when using or not using a silent E. All ages enjoy coming up with new words to make changes to. This is a great addition to any elementary classroom or library. It is extremely helpful for teaching language skills to students who are learning English as a first or second language.

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