Dennis W.C. Wong: The Heart of An Oriental writer

Who is Dennis W.C. Wong?

Born and raised in Honolulu, Oahu, territory of Hawaii in 1951 at Kapiolani Hospital, Dennis W.C. Wong is a professional, licensed nurse advocate by choice and an established writer by heart.

He attained a bachelor’s degree in business management personnel and industrial relationship at California State University, and an associate degree in retail marketing Chabot College, Hayward, CA. 

With humble beginnings, he worked in the paint industry for 34 years with Sherwin Willians, Glidden Paint, and Fuller O’Brien Paint. He was a security guard for 8 years and still carries a current security guard card. He also worked as a newspaper boy for 10 years. From 1968 to 1972, he worked at Kentucky Fried Chicken as his first job. Then, he went on to Shakey’s Pizza and became an assistant manager.

Today, he works as a Nurse Assistant in the Operating Room and does home health care at Kaiser Permanente in Oakland, CA. Additionally,, as a Sterile Processing Technician, Mr. Wong volunteers with Surgical Missions to Guatemala and Ecuador.

How did he start his journey? 

The author started his writing journey in 2002 when he published his first book, “My Journey.” Then, Mr. Wong wrote “The Apricot Outlook of Katherine Koon Hung Wong” in 2019, dedicating the book to his mother, Katherine Wong.

His dedication to writing has promoted Chinese artwork, flowers, fruits, and trees in his published books. Apricots represent female elegance; the large seed is ovoid-shaped like the eyes of an Oriental beauty.

What are some books he published?

The Apricot Outlook of Katherine Koon Hung Wong

Year Published: April 1, 2020
Publisher: Book Vine Press/ Dennis Wong

The Apricot Outlook tells the heartfelt story of a Chinese woman growing up in Hawaii and moving to San Francisco and Hayward after her marriage. It is a family story in the spirit of the popular Joy Luck Club. It celebrates the close bonds in a Chinese family and the way family members and close friends help others in a time of crisis and need.

The story begins when Katherine Chun is first growing up in Honolulu, where her parents run a local laundry.

Unfortunately, a fire erupts in the rear of the laundry and eventually contributes to the sale of the business. Meanwhile, as a teenager and young adult, Katherine finds work in a number of different occupations — from working in a beauty salon to working in a candy factory.  In her 20s, she marries a pipefitter and welder, Clifford Wong, whose job takes him to the shipyards in San Francisco and then to Hayward. 

Over time, the marriage has its ups and downs and is threatened when Katherine believes her husband is having an affair with a good friend. Yet, the marriage survives, and the family grows as Katherine has six children and even more grandchildren, while maintaining strong ties with a growing number of cousins, uncles, and aunts, reflecting the importance of family for Chinese-Americans. The story also features the many activities Katherine enjoys, from traveling to going on jaunts to Las Vegas.

The script is based on the real-life experiences of my mother Katherine Wong, based on a book I created for her on her 77th birthday. As such, it features a true picture of what life is like for an ordinary middle-income Chinese family in modern America. When my mother died, I pledged I would publish a book about her life, and I have now created this script in her memory.

Book Details:

Trim Size: 6 x 0.31 x 9 inches
Paperback: 978-1734824001 ($9.65)
Hardcover: 978-1950955312 ($16.99)
eBook: B087N5D313 ($0.99)

Over the Distant Mountain Ranges

Year Published: May 26, 2021
Publisher: SankalpArt (May 20, 2021)

This is a story of transmigration. Death comes upon Lucinda’s parents when she least expects it. She is just ten years old when she experiences the agony of losing her beloved parents. As a result, she leaves her parents house to her grandparents home, who live beyond the mountain ranges, in the midst of the woods. While there she reunites with her dead parents in an unusual manner that defies natural logic. She communicates and shares life with her dead parents to the consternation of her grandparents who see her insane, until just a few days before another painful separation between daughter and parents. Is it possible her grandparents will ever believe that her experiences are real? Will she live with her parents until her own death?

Book Details:

Trim Size: 6 x 0.39 x 9 inches
Paperback: 978-1737241102 ($9.99)
eBook ISBN and Price: B095YZ25GT ($3.00)

The App I Cot Journey to Plumville: Empowering Kids to Overcome Adversity

Year Published: January 27, 2021
Illustrator and Publisher: Book Vine Press/ Dennis Wong

An app’s journey that keeps maintaining itself for better health, wants to be an engineer, but the better schools were in the town of Plumville.

It enrolled in Plumville High School knowing that it may encounter some adversity or bullying. Striving to achieve a better life, it faces the challenges aheader insane, until just a few days before another painful separation between daughter and parents. Is it possible her grandparents will ever believe that her experiences are real? Will she live with her parents until her own death?

Book Details:

Trim Size: 8.5 x 0.25 x 8.5 inches
Paperback: 978-1734824070 ($12.99)
Hardcover: 978-1954341197 ($19.25)
eBook: B09TNHX22Q ($5.00)

The App I Cot Goes to College

Year Published: August 2, 2021
Illustrator and Publisher: Writers’ Branding LLC

Appy graduates from high school in “The App I Cot Journey to Plumville: Empowering Kids to Overcome Adversity”. He continues his journey to college and graduates as an engineer. Appy’s career takes him all over the world before settling down and starting a family.

Book Details:

Trim Size: 8.5 x 0.08 x 8.5 inches
Paperback: 978-1639450589 ($12.99)
Hardcover:978-1639450596 ($9.79)
eBook: B09CG4C228 ($2.99)

Appy Overcomes COVID

Year Published: October 2, 2021
Illustrator and Publisher: SankalpArt

We find ourselves obsessing about the Coronavirus, engaging with the news, clicking on every alert, and looking for certainty. Our children are sensitive to our moods and tones and get anxious themselves. Kids act out their feelings they can’t express in words. We can take responsibility for managing ourselves with health measures and cultivate positivity to empower ourselves and our family. If we don’t feel well, we should stay home, wash hands, sanitize regularly, wear a mask, and observe social distancing. Connect with loved ones and set up group video calls.

Appy Retires

Year Published: January 23, 2022
Illustrator and Publisher: SankalpArt

As Appy plans to retire,
he reminisces his first day of hire
longing and wishing to aspire
acquiring a trade while we perspire
educating at schools of learning higher
gathering experiences to fulfill his desire
observing caterpillars morph into stages they require
waiting for the butterflies as they transpire
counting down the days to the wire
and finally enjoying his fruitful endeavor.

Book Details:

Trim Size: 8 x 0.1 x 10 inches
Paperback: 978-1734824094 ($15.99)
eBook: B09R26TK2W ($2.99)

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