Ensure you get the suitable ingredient of attracting the right population aligned with your target goals. Together with our pool of publicists, we put your books into effective campaigns.

Press Release Services

Marketing your book through your own means is good. But, does it give you a guaranteed return? Good thing, we have our press release that gets across 20,000+ media channels worldwide. your book title.

Book Trailer Services

Instead of describing your book through words, why not through visuals? While a picture paints a thousand words, indeed, book trailers with combined audiovisual effects bring a memorable impression to your potential readers.

Book Review Services

Book reviews are a proven way to cement your book’s credibility as it acquires professional commentaries and suggestions from reputable critiques.

Screenplay Services

In the light of films and reels, screenplays are practical tools to get your book into big screens.

Query Letter

Our Query Letter is created by a team of publicists experts in positioning your book to critiques and investors.

Publishers Weekly

Align your brand with PW's trusted editorial voice for a one-of-a-kind marketing campaign that authenticates your author’s message and engages readers like no other display ad.